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Default Re: Bomb Factory Plug-Ins Version 4.1.1 Updates

Originally Posted by supernova777 View Post
where are these downloads presently?
trying to find these for my digi 001; cant find them ANYWHERE on the internet
should i just phone support?

to be clear im looking for the v4.1.1 + v4.2 Free Bomb Factory Plug-ins for Windows XP for use with Digi 001/Digi 002 on Pro Tools 6.x
(but the links to the versions for Mac OSX Would'nt hurt aswell)
I've been looking for these as well. I found them eventually right under my nose.

Download the Pro Tools LE 6.4 Installer (Windows XP) 360mb here:

They are inside the Plug-In Installers>Digidesign folder.
I'm not sure if they are the 4.2 or 4.1.1 but they work fine.
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