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Default Re: Plugin Alliance insanity

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
To begin with I did not start the thread over at GS.

And like a number of people you still don't get what the problem is. It's not about the vouchers and it's not so much about the subscription but about the way PA went about launching this. The bitch is their marketing this as 'the best deal ever' and it's not. Along with a lot of others I/we don't buy marketing BS and that's what PA's emails were. It's not about 5 words but the whole way they're treating their loyal customers.

As far as steaks versus gruel - it goes back to 'the greatest deal ever'. Only a non-critical thinking person would trust that statement. I take everything with a very large grain of salt. And am not afraid/shy about calling out a person or company when they fall way short of their words. If you trust PA's words then you love gruel. Promise me steak and you had damned well better deliver on that. If you don't and fall far short of that you'd better be prepared to take the consequences.

Sure seems like you like PA's 'marketing skills'. A lot of people don't and aren't shy about making their thoughts public. Deal with it.

And as far as PA goes I'm only waiting for the Ampeg B15 due next month.

Argh yes, but marketing surely only has as much power as you give it? I'm not defending PA in any way. Simply questioning why critical thought or scepticism didn't lead you to treat a superficial marketing email void of any real detail with the 6 seconds of thought it really deserved? It that regard, your posts read more like 'hook, line & sinker' than a 'very large grain of salt'.

It really is just 5 lines, and life really is still rosy.

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