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Default Re: "Pro Tools could not set sample rate to specified value.."

Are you on PC or Mac? Some time back I was seeing this issue a lot. I'm on PC. For me, the workaround was to go into the Windows Control Panel - Sound Options and set the "default" sample rate for the interface to be the same as the project I wanted to open. It was a major headache, but it worked for me. I have not done any work in PT in a long time (I switched to a different DAW) but I suspect the problem is the same.

In my experience the ASIO implementation never really worked properly. It always required workarounds and many headaches, going back to PT9, but it seemed to get worse with PT11. I hope others have had better luck.

Originally Posted by Myles83avid View Post
Still no luck after trashing prefs, restarts, reselecting in hardware engine, audio midi setup, etc. Everything looks right except PT aggregate showing up when I pull up the playback engine setting when launching PT via the "N" key...

Getting this error: "Could not complete your request because Pro Tools could not set sample rate to specified value.." Using PT Ultimate 2018.4.0, 2009 Mac Pro running macOS Sierra 10.12.5, Hardware is Dangerous Music Convert 2 connected via USB.

NOTE: Playback engine in Settings dropdown menu shows the convert 2 selected but when I launch PT with "N" key, the same Playback engine box that appears shows PT aggregate...? These should be the same right? I tried deleting the PT aggregate in Audio Midi setup but PT creates the aggregate in Audio Midi Setup when I launch PT. My dealer said I should be using the Convert-2 which again is selected. My hardware sometimes says: "There are no digital cards in the system..." which would seem to be related to this problem...

ISSUE: I cannot launch 96k sessions. I am able to create new 96k sessions and import session data as a workaround but I cannot open any preexisting 96k PT sessions. 44.1k sessions have no issue opening. This began after installing PT Ultimate, previously PT software worked on this same computer, OS, and hardware. Please advise.
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