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Default Re: ilok - someone elses security system you pay for

well it had to happen sooner or later than my ilok key that came with my hd3 rig would crap out, hell it's a piece of cheap plastic made in china.
It is a frail device, that's for sure. It's not as robust as dongles from Apple/Emagic or Yellow Tools. Since it needs the card slot, it's not totally sealed like other dongles. It's also rather long, so when it's inserted into a USB socket, there's greater chance for breakage (because it's a longer lever).

For those needing to travel with iLoks, it might not be a bad idea to rig up some system to make them harder to break, lose or steal. One good way to add protection and security would be to buy a Tupperwear like container, and then glue a USB hub inside it. Cut out a hole for the hub's power and USB cable. Then, put the iLok in the hub, fill the container with foam peanuts, and put the top on. With this kind of rig, you won't have to worry as much about the iLok breaking, wearing out or damaging the iLok connections. It would prevent wear and tear. It would also add a little security (especially if you glued the top shut). Actually, there's a really good opportunity here for someone to make a sturdy, locking metal container (with a hub in it) that had some heavy duty hardware that could be used to chain it to furniture, etc. to prevent iLok theft.

The ease of stealing an iLok (that could easily have in the neighborhood of $10,000 worth of plugs on it) is frightening. Sure, you can insure it, but it's not good to be making huge insurance claims if you want to keep your rates low. In a busy commercial studio, people sure as heck don't leave $10,000 mics laying around.

The iLok is a flawed system that is disliked by many people. Many people have also developed an intense dislike for Pace. This is a negative for Digidesign, and no doubt if preventing some software sales. Something new must take its place. The sooner the better.

Lee Blaske
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