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Default Any way to create Aggregate MIDI Input devices?

I have a MIDI keyboard and a separate physical "knobs and faders" MIDI controller that I use to send CCs. I presently have to use the "ALL" selection as my MIDI Input on all of my Instrument and MIDI tracks (quite a lot). I haven't found a way to configure Pro Tools to ONLY use the keyboard AND the knobs-n-faders box. I was hoping the new Cmd-Click protocol that PT has been implementing would allow me to choose multiple MIDI Inputs, but nope. Someone tell me there is a better way? I'm willing to bet there isn't, but...

When using the ALL option as your MIDI Input, I wonder if the Input is also listening to the other VI/Instrument channels in the session, whose MIDI Outputs show up as MIDI Inputs for other tracks?

I wonder if this creates a drag on the system, by having multiple tracks "listening" to the MIDI output of all of these VIs?* *
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