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Default Re: Upgrading a Mac Pro 5.1 12core 2.4Ghz

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
May I ask in Pro Tools 9, what's the recommended core's setting ?

Running dual 3.46 tray, thanks.
Presumably you have 12 physical cores, which is all that matters so the number to start with would be 11. The idea is to leave one physical core dedicated to non-plugin processing. YMMV, depends on workload, been discussed all over DUC in the distant past--search for those discussions. And there are all the other correct parameter tuning and questions of what problem if any you are trying to solve/why you are asking. That is stuff I don't want to get into and wreck this thread any more. If you have more questions please start a new thread.

Trying to help you get better help here for yourself, not just criticizing you:

Please don't spam unrelated questions onto the end of other threads like this, you are very likely to disrupt other users trying to get help, those who created the thread or those who will find it in future looking for similar help.

If you search for this question you should find many answers on DUC. With lots more detail. Like google this...

correct core setting Pro Tools 9

That magic "site:" tag on a google search is the best way to search for stuff on DUC, much better than the near useless built-in vBulletin forum software search.

Otherwise if you can't find the answer with search, create your own thread in the appropriate forum area, give it a descriptive title and ask your question there. The likely correct forum area would be Click the "New Thread" button.

Lots of folks have trouble finding all the DUC forums, they are here:

And that "New Thread" button is hard to find. Unless you know to look for it once in a forum section.

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