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Default Re: R.I.P. Allan Holdsworth

I have to tell you a great interaction with Allan, such a sweetheart of a man. well he signed my CD (wow CD's) and was very cool to talk too for a short spell.

Anyhow back in the 90's I went to see his show in Tempe AZ, and I believe the Bash on Ash.

Ronnie Montrose opened up for Allan, which was an incredible show, and had a young eighteen year old guitar whiz with him on that gig.

After Ronnie was done with his set I ended at the side bar at the same time he did, and I offered to buy him a frosty beverage, and he politely excepted.

Of course I told him he put on a great show and he mentioned Allan's show coming up. I then asked him his thought's about Allan's playing, and he looked me straight in the eyes and he said man that guy's playing really gives me nightmares, and truly a gifted player.

I cherish that forever !

I see a lot of players doing what he does nowadays, but somehow I don't feel it the why he translated, and conveyed that certain way of expression on that neck like he did.
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