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Default Cloud Plan has lapsed?


When I fired up PTF this morning and signed in I was presented with an error dialog saying the following....

"There are one or more projects that are not synchronized to cloud stored in your Project Cache that you may not access because your cloud plan has lapsed. Click "Learn More..." to find out how to renew your cloud plan."

When I clicked "Learn More..." I get taken to My Avid Cloud but I can't see anything about my cloud plan being expired and I don't see how to renew it either.

When I dismiss the dialog my projects are missing! I had 2 online project in the cloud last night (although the My Avid Cloud tells me I have 3 but that's another problem).

Has anybody seen this before and how do I get access to my online projects back? I've tried logging in/out several times and rebooting my PC but it makes no difference.

Help! I've included a screen shot of the error and My Avid Cloud.

PTF 2018.5
Windows 10
Scarlett 6i6
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