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Default SMPTE/ITU 5.1 layout

Our mix stage is set up to monitor LCRLsRsLfe and we have a deliverables sheet in requesting LRCLfeLsRs delivery. When we've had this in the past, I've used multi-mono tracks and set up the layback with mono tracks. I thought this time I'd try making an interleaved file with the SMPTE/ITU layout, but I can't make it work in Pro Tools. I can change the output to be LRCLfeLsRs, but the busses, regions in the bin, and the 5.1 audio tracks are still LCRLsRsLfe. I've tried it on one of our Pro Tools 12 systems and it's no different. I figure I'll just do what we've done before and use multi-mono files, but I'm still curious: is there any way to do this?
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