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Default Re: ProTools 2018.4 Ultimate and macOS Mojave

Originally Posted by BillDog793 View Post
Hey all, I know MacOS Mojave is still in it's beta phase, but I'm wondering what people's experiences were with the two most current versions of both. I'm still on ProTools 2018.3 waiting on news for the current version of MacOs High Sierra (10.13.6) to be officially supported, but will be wanting to switch over to Mojave if it doesn't kill PT
Have been testing Mojave for a week with PT 2018.7.
It worked okay. Some glitches with UI like clip name window doesn't show any text until you enlarge the textfield by mouse.
But the UAD Software wasn't stable. I had some routing bugs out of a sudden. So for me it wasn't reliable (which I kinda expected). I was just curious.

Also, 32 bit apps do work. You'll get the warning but they open and work flawlessly.
I'm back at 10.13.6 now and I have to say that Mojave itself felt a little snapier. It is super stable for being a beta.

Btw. I don't have performance issues with HS.
Could it be that newer Macs, like the new rMBPs are more affected?
I had ugly CPU spikes with 10.12 though.
(nMP 6,1 10c 3ghz 32GB ram)
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