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Default Re: ProTools 2018.4 Ultimate and MacOs Mojave

Originally Posted by KV626 View Post
fwiw, I just installed 10.13.6 on my Mac Pro yesterday. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with PT 2018.4. Projects do load faster. PT works like a charm.
Fantastic, but what buffer? You see, this is the important part and every time i ask that in response, i get crickets! So hopefully you can break this trend and let me know!

Also, I am having *massive* performance differences here between 2018.4 and 12.8.1 on the very same mac and sierra version.. same everything other than pro tools.. Vi polyphony playback performance has fallen 30% for me.. Cubase and Logic are just thrashing it now.. so sad.. Pro tools was the performance kind for me of all the DAWs at 128 buffer, prior to 2018.4!
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