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Default Re: ProTools 2018.4 Ultimate and MacOs Mojave

Originally Posted by TNM View Post
.. even the most staunch windows advocate i know, who has done nothing but sell microsoft based DAW's for 20 years now, told me Win 10 is absolute garbage and a single update that can be deferred but not stopped, can break *everything*.. he said it went to hell after release 1511.. So that really puts me off as well.
All this angst (still) about MacOs vs. Win10. Both can work fine in my experience, but of course one does need to take responsibility for learning about both. On the hardware side, well that's a completely different & rather obvious matter, but we won't go there ...

Originally Posted by TNM View Post
.. I just don't know what to do........
Consider this: rather than go on about mac vs PC, why not remove Pro Tools from the equation? Over the years I've had most DAWs on my workstations given work with others who choose to use what they like. Up to date unstalls include DP9, Studio One, Live, Nuendo, Cubase, Wavelab & Pro Tools. My main squeeze has become Steinberg and in my experience certainly has far less problems than Pro Tools on Win.
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