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Default Re: Pro Tools Duet (by Apogee) now keeps losing connectivity on Sierra.

What a pile of whining nonsense.

I never said this was the wrong place to post your questions, or that the product was not officially supported, I was explaining why you are not getting any other responses to your multiple posts. Lets try the test, have you got a lot of responses here from other users? From Avid support?

I was giving you suggestions to see if the driver is actually loaded into the kernel, or if the USB device probe is working at all, to try to see if a problem stands out there. You did not want to or are not unable to do any of those? But you've determined "it's a "bug", well big duh, a bug in drivers, or firmware, or faulty hardware, or your computer has a problem, or.... and you don't seem to want to actually do anything to help diagnose. So exactly what do you want other Pro Tools users here to do to help you? We gave up sacrificing goats a while ago...

You purchased the product, and are apparently trying to get help here and not getting that from other users and I'm explaining why. If some of that reflects on you making a bad purchase decision on yet another one of a long line of consumer product that Avid played with and bailed from then well tough.

If you want to get Avid customer support to try to help with this problem this is *not* the place to do that, you need to purchase an ASC and file a problem report.

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