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Default Re: Best Core 2 Series Desktops-Results and Specs

Anybody posted test results for a 1333 FSB yet? I can get a e6750 cpu and mobo for about $50-60 cheaper than a quad Q6600 and the quad is only running a 1066 FSB. You think saving $50 and a faster FSB is silly compared to the quad? I imagine 1066 to 1333 is not much difference but a dual core to a quad might be a huge difference. I plan to order parts this weekend. I am hoping I can get away with onyl buying the cpu and mobo and using all old parts that I have around. Case, power, drives....
You really want to go Quad Core For PT. The ASUS P965 boards and the P35 boards will all support FSB1333. You really want to spend the extra money on a Quad. Your performance with PT will actually double.

The difference between FSB 1066 and FSB 1333 is around 5-10%. the difference between 2 and four cores is around 100%

In this case the FSB is relatively unimportant. Check out the Dverb benchmarks at the top of this thread. My advice is build a plain old ASUS P5K with a Q6600 and run 1066 or faster memory.

If your on a budget you would actually do MUCH better by running DDR2 800 and a Q6600. You would still see a 80% improvement over dual core and might actually put some money back in your pocket. Plus you could pickup some higher clocked memory a couple of months down the road when the price drops some more.

Go Quad-the results speak for themselves.

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