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Default Re: micing a drummer - mics to use, cost of mics and cables

I was going through this trial around 3 weeks ago (using my new Digi001 to record my band). Because I needed to record drums somehow, here's what I bought and used:

NT5 pair for drum overheads (cost: $630CAD)
AT4050 for HiHat (cost: can't remember...sdemott says $600USD)
AKD D112 for kick (cost: I think they are around $250CAD)
SM57 on snare top (cost: $130CAD)
SM58 on snare bottom (cost: ?)

I was really happy with the sound of everything except the snare top, and that may just be that the snare drum itself had a kind of hollow, ringing sound. Maybe it was tuned a little tight? However, the underside got a nice crack to it from the snare. And the overheads seemed to do alright on their own.

I bought an Octopre for additional pre's. I'm quite pleased with the Octopre. Note, there are handy phase reverese switches on channels 1 and 2 which are useful for checking for phase cancelation between your overhead mics.

Hope my limited experience is helpful.

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