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Default Re: micing a drummer - mics to use, cost of mics and cables

There are thousands of combos. There are no RIGHT and WRONG...only what sounds the best for a particular song.

I've heard drums that sound like they were mic'd with 2 rooms (Radiohead's High and Dry)

I've seen great drum sounds that were on all SM57's.

If you're on a budget I'd say go for the SM57 Mic package and if you want a better sound invest in Mic modeler by Antares. I LOVE their plugins. The new TUBE is nice too.

Here's what I use for drums, and quite honestly I've had best results. The only thing is I don't have a great room for them. I think the sound of the room is the key. i have to "emulate" the room with a verb. I don't like using verb effects on drums, just EQ and compression. Less is more IMO. I could be wrong.

OverHeads - Shure SM81's
Kick - AKG D112
Snare - Audix D1 (Top and Bottom)
Toms - Audix D2
Floor Tom - Audix D4

I like Audix Mic's much more. I usually don't use much mix on the Snare mic's...I let the OverHeads define the sound for me. I just use the other mic's that are actually clamped to the kit for dynamics.

These are just my opinions. my techniques may not be the RIGHT or PROFESSIONAL way to do things. But they work for me.

The only thing i KNOW I'm completely right about is that the AKG D112 is the perfect kick mic. Ha ha.

Robert Allen
SonicWorx - Detroit, MI
Robert Allen
SonicWorx - Detroit, MI
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