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Default Re: No help, no crossgrade discount, canít renew, getting nowhere.. giving up on PT?

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
The Webstore team have already sent an Email for more details. Please check.

Thank you!

I did get an email with new price information, again contradicting what I was told by Avid Customer Care earlier. According to the latest email the Crossgrade two year discount would now be valid for two years, yay.

Nothing about the 12 month plan expiring in less than 12 months.

Nothing about the webstore purchase not working. Auto-renew is the only way apparently.

To be honest all this, getting different answer each time I ask, having to make forum posts to get customer support, and the recent delay with getting an update that runs with current OS/X doesnít really convince me. I think Iíll take my money elsewhere.
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