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Default No help, no crossgrade discount, can’t renew, getting nowhere.. giving up on PT?

I’ve emailed Pro Tools support regarding this but it seems that I’m not getting help there and since I only have a few days left on my subscription I’ve decided to write here.

I have a Pro Tools annual subscription about to expire. A year ago I've unintentionally fallen for the “Crossgrade” when wanting to renew the Updates+Support plan for my Perpetual license. English is not my first language and Crossgrade was (still is) the only button available next to the words “Perpetual license” on the upgrades-and-renewals page. Oh well.

My main problem is that currently in the Avid online store the “Renew” button doesn’t work for me, and I can’t find any way to see what I would be charged if I turn on the auto-renew. (The Renew button just gives an error message saying Customer notification: Invalid parameter)

I emailed customer care about this, and got
1) A reply stating that I CAN’T RENEW since my subscription is still active (but.. I’ve recently got several emails from Avid telling to renew before the subscription ends?? ).
2) On asking to confirm the above, a reply stating that I can renew my subscription using the “Renew” button (that I just repeatedly had stated doesn’t work??? ) AND that my price would be the same as buying a new subscription (it says everywhere that Crossgrade includes two years of discounted pricing?? but now it’s actually only one year?? )

Although I don’t mind paying for Updates & Support, I never intended to crossgrade and lose my perpetual license.
I completely lost a few months of use last year since Pro Tools wouldn’t run at all on the current MacOS version (a problem no other software company seems to have). There were no “Updates” I’m paying for.
I’m getting random unhelpful rensponses as the “Support” I’m paying for.
And now as the icing on the cake even the second year of discount is somehow no more..

I’m just about to give up on ProTools, and have spent some time preparing for moving on. I’d still like to give PT a chance but this is all getting me super wary on spending any more money on Avid products.

Is there someone from Avid who could help me out? I’m not just going to blindly turn on the auto-renew to charge me whatever since this is all a bit too wtf.
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