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Default Re: Buss window is getting chopped off.

Originally Posted by broken81 View Post
The bottom of my buss window is getting chopped off. I will post a screen shot and you can see the if you look at the bottom and then the top of the next column. It jumps from buss 38 to 43 and then on the next column 80 to 85. Any idea how to fix this so i can see all my busses?
Interesting one. So if you move the mouse down all the way to the bottom of that bus window it does not scroll either ?

One thing to try, can you (temporarily) change the screen resolution to something else and then back ? See if that changes or happens at different screen resolutions as well ?

Can you also post your system details, specifically graphics card and screen resolution ?

Was this an issue on Pro Tools 9 as well on the same system ?

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