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Default Re: No Output with New System


Just wanted to say thanks for the detailed post on how to adjust the ProjectMix driver. Since my studio is located about 30 miles from where I work and I can only get in touch with M-Audio/Digidesign during office hours, if I need to call for tech support, I need to lug my laptop and ProjectMix in my car to a ferry terminal, then on the ferry to a bus stop and finally on the bus to work - just so I can have the system up and running when I make the call. SOOO, I was really leary of installing the new driver and PT upgrade (my system was working "fairly" well with the old PT with Leopard). I finally bit the bullet and did the installation and, of course, PT worked fine but there was no output from the ProjectMix. Luckily I had printed out this thread and your answer. I did what you said and everything works fine! Again, thanks for the help. By the way, do you find you need to reset this everytime like I do?

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