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Default No Output with New System

Hey Everyone, long time since I've been on these forums. I posted this in the m-powered section as well but I'm hoping to get some feedback from the brains in here. I appreciate it.

"I just upgraded to a brand new iMac Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz 24" on OSX 10.5.3 and have been using the M-Audio Firewire 1814 with no issues on an earlier model of iMac Duo Core 2Ghz with OSX 10.4. I just finished installing all the newest software from DigiStore M-Powered 7.4.2 and latest Driver off the M-Audio website 1.8.3 for the 1814. My interface is being recognized on ProTools start up and I see it in System Prefs as well. I'm not getting any input signal on my firewire interface with either iTunes or ProTools. I have external powered monitors hooked up as before and headphones with no sound.

Anyone have a clue? "

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