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Default Re: Pro Tools 7.4 works on Leopard (warning, upgrade gotcha)

[/QUOTE]The installer should not erase any sessions. The only time an installer would erase sessions is if you mistakenly have them stored in the temporary Digidesign Databases folders that are created by the program.


Ahhhh, thanks for clearing that up, that's exactly where they were being stored. (Is there a location where session files should be stored? I can't find a specific statement regarding this in the manuals)

[/QUOTE]Here's my cautionary note; there's a serious issue with thread prioritization in Leopard that may cause performance issues in Pro Tools (and honestly, any other program). It's why they are recommending waiting until it gets fixed. Just something to watch out for.


So far I haven't experienced any problems, however I do all contract work on a Tiger Partition so that isn't a concern at this point. I maintain a separate partition for Leopard and experimenting with compatibility between various programs. The only program that I've seen behave funny was iTunes getting stuck on, and repeating, a single note when the screen blanked out. Beyond that everything has been working quite well in Leopard.

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