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Mano - i aint gonna argue about what you prefer - but that last post didnt mean anything !! There aint much difference between 48 and 44.1 - sure technically (and maybe a LITTLE bit sonically) 48 i sbetter than 44.1 However, as you're all gonna convert to 16bit 44.1 for CD then for digital mixing (this obviously doesnt apply those who mix to tape) it is better to mix / bounce in a multiple of 44.1 - hence the rather strong feeling amongst many i know that 88.2 is a better bet than 96 even though that technically 96 is better (and sonically). Also those old wives tales about higher than 20k affecting our hearing - that may well be the case but tape and vinyl (ESPECIALLY VINYL ! ) dont accurately reproduce much above 16k let alone up to 40 and 50 k. Muchos distortion up there !! And yet strangely a lot of peeps seem to prefer vinyl !! Even 16 bit CD more accurately re-creates high up waveforms thatn vinyl. You get the harmonic content with CD by using some decent amps on the final listening stage - thats where it really counts..

see ya
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