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Default Re: Fixing a Mix?

I have the impression 48K recordings ( on PT !) sound better and I always work with 48 K.
It is told that ADDA converterclocks are less stable at 44.1 K, 88.2K ,or 176.4K due to a certain calculationfactor given at these samplerates.
48 and 96 or even 192 don't seem to have this calculation-issue.
Lesser stability gives a lesser sound.
Recording at higher bandwidth's reproduce more harmonics which gives the listener a more vivid experience of what is reproduced. You don't have to hear above 20 kHz, but what is happening above 20K
has alot of influence on the way things sound below 20K.
The same thing happens below 20 Hz. Try removing DC-offset and hear how it affects the impact of your low-end.
A more obvious reason for most of us why 48 sounds better than 44.1:
Maybe because there is less plugin-delay at 48K which gives a better phase-coherency.

Highshelving at 10-15 K should work.
Or... try a multibandprocessor ( Waves C4 , LinMB , TC MasterX or such...)
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