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Default Re: Noise problems when recording

Probably because those albums are mastered and have a much higher volume/level output than an unmastered track you bounced out of PT. The noise is still there, you just can't hear it with Kayne's zero-dynamic range tracks bumpin' on top of it. Try putting in a Classical choral CD or something, you'll hear it then. My G5's built-in output is noisy as heck, as is my Powerbook G4 - it's just the nature of the cheap-soundcard beast.

This is still a guess, it's possible it could be something else, I just wanted to bring that option to your attention. Try playing back the same files using PT's 'import audio' window (you don't actually have to import the file, just play it with the preview player in that window) and see if you still hear the noise - you'll be using your Digi interface in that situation, so you can directly compare the difference between the Digi interface and the built-in soundcard.

Another option could be if you're going from a 24 bit session to a 16 bit bounced file without using Dither.

and still noise on a track that has nothing recorded on it.
Wait, so you're saying there is noise being recorded in PT? I thought you said there wasn't... now I'm confused.
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