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Default Re: Multiple Users - Pro Tools Ultimate 2020

Hi Guys

Thanks for the insights... sorry I didn’t get back sooner.

I haven’t had any guests recently so it is not currently a burning issue, but I do wish to resolve this, and have a shared/general User ID that works, so I can let others use the Studio Pro Tools/2 x HDX/EB7 system without access to my private info, auto-browser logins etc... have been working fine with my original User ID on that computer. . .

I was hoping it was the interface selection issue, but holding the ‘n” key did not help avert the crash.

I will keep the iCloud sharing desktop:/user directory issue in mind.

I will look into the other suggestions further, but to answer Darryl’s question, I get the Pro Tools splash screen on startup, and it proceeds to start going thru the Plugins for about 5 minutes and then the “Pro Tools has quit unexpectedly” screen comes up. The splash screen is partially visible behind, but then disappears... I can see “Loading Plugins: T-Racks CS Quad Image” as the last task below, albeit that might be a coincidence. I presume this long scan of Plugins, is because it is the first time thru on this user ID. I am curious how long I need to hold the “n” key... it is a long wait, lol. BTW, this was a fresh install on Mojave about 18 months ago, using PT 2019-6 and I just recently upgraded to 2020-5 and did a minor update to the .6 version of Mojave.

Thanks for your help... please let me know of any further thoughts, otherwise I will follow earlier suggestions when I get a chance.
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