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Default Re: Multiple Users - Pro Tools Ultimate 2020

This should work without you needing to do anything. Certainly works for me on Mojave and 2020.5.

Are you holding down N and picking the correct interface as Pro Tools starts?

When does it crash? Just opening Pro Tools (what is showing on the startup splash screen just before it crashes?)

..Or does it fail when you try to open an existing session? What happens if they try to open a new session?

Try trashing Pref with PT Prefs running as those new users, (yes even though they are new accounts).

The good news is Pro Tools is back to human readable logs so you can look for the log in /Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Avid

See if the contents of the log (Pro_Tools_*.txt) files give a clue.

Not getting sorted out easily... you can try a reinstall of Pro Tools. And if that does not work that is where you may start to suspect the macOS install is hosed... especially of you have been doing in-situ upgrades to the OS.

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