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Default Error: Plug-ins not enabled- not 64bit compatible

Hello all,

Running PT HD 12.6.1 and 10.3.10
Mac OS 10.8.5

Everything was running smoothly in both PT 10 and PT12, until recent plug-in error- saying they are not 64 bit compatible.

Saw many other threads for newer versions, but no real solution. Someone suggested a problem with one component of Izotope Ozone, so I took it out of the plug-ins folder; restarted PT with same issue.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had solved this annoying problem. Other posts say to upgrade to High Sierra, but I still need PT10 on my computer for working with an ongoing client.

Please help if you can. Thanks.
15" Macbook Pro (Mid 2012) 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
16G Memory
PT 10.3.11/ 12.5.2
003 Rack
OSX 10.8.5
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