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Default Re: Still sucks?

Just thought I might chime in on this very lively discussion. There's a lot of pricing of the systems being discussed that I think are incorrect in the current market. You can get a SSL 4k w/ 72 inputs 3-5 years old in great condition for $100K or less. You can get a SSL 9k that's almost new from a victim of the current state of the music business for less than $200k. Manufacturers of high end consoles both analog and digital are making killer lease deals to keep product moving. In a music scenario where you need a lot of mic pre amps and are dealing with alot of analog source material and vintage processing, an analog console makes sense even though almost all of the recording and editing work is done in some type of digital workstation. You know, not everyone is using Pro Tools. There are alot of Nuendo, DP, Logic etc.. users that like those work flows better. One big advantage of a large format console (analog or digital) is that you can mix and match work flows. I use a Euphonix System 5 for Re-recording and sometimes there are as many as 4-5 different systems during a final mix. They can be any combination of types of systems and it doesn't matter to me, my interface is always the same. In my world, if I didn't have 100% automation and instant reset I'd have to kill myself, but music is less demanding as far as track count and layouts are concerned. It's apples and oranges really. The ICON is great if you only work in Pro Tools, and I do mix "In the box" sometimes and it has it's advantages, but for large scale projects sometimes more capability and flexibility is needed. Cheers.
Mark Ettel C.A.S.
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