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Default Trying to use Eleven Rack with Skype

It looks like you are picking Rig Output (R) (4) as your sound recording input. But you should use sound/voice recorder to verify exactly what that is on the Eleven Rack, play with it, connect stuff up to those inputs, send a signal through the guitar rig, etc. and confirm. You only have 8 possible inputs check for sure which ones are showing up in the Windows control panel.

As I already tried to explain Rig Output will not work (well it could if you routed your mic through the guitar rig... but that is likely a bad idea for multiple reasons). What other options show up when you scroll down the list?

Forget anything about Skype and Pro Tools and just keep trying the most simple tests like I already suggested.... but if the Sound Control Panel does not give you access to the Mic Input on the Eleven Rack then you are likely dead in the water to start with and just wasting your time here.

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