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Default Trying to use Eleven Rack with Skype

I'm trying to get my microphone to function as my microphone in skype. I don't need to record anything, but I need this to function in real time for a radio interview I'm conducting in a few weeks.
Current Gear: I have a PC with pro tools 8 LE, and my interface is an AVID Eleven Rack; soundcard for my pc is an ASUS Xonar Essence. I have the microphone plugged into the microphone input on my Eleven Rack, 48v switched on, PAD switched off, gain is at 12 oclock. I have tried running from the SPDIF on the eleven rack to the soundcard, and also from the OUTPUT to Amp (both 1 and 2) to the line in on the soundcard. When I open my audio input on Skype both ASUS line in/ASUS SPDIF show up as options, but once I click them there is no signal from the microphone. I have tried running pro tools while doing this, with a track record enabled for my microphone, and still nothing. I have played with changing the output of the pro tools session to Line Out and Digital Out without any change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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