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Default Re: Should I switch to Windows?

I built a PC for the studio about a year ago, after being exclusively Mac for the previous 17-18 years.

There were initially a lot of things about Windows that I had trouble warming up to, but I chalked most of it up to the 'why is this thing over here when I'm used to it being over there' kind of thinking. After a year of using Win 10 exclusively, I can say the following:

I do in fact prefer MacOS, for a few reasons, but I don't find the differences to be so severe that I'd recommend anyone switch from one to the other if they're happy with the way things are running.

MacOS has a lot of little productivity flourishes that Windows simply doesn't have an answer for, any one of which wouldn't be a big deal on it's own, but when you start to add them all up, their absence becomes mildly annoying. It's not a huge deal, and I'd imagine one's opinion on this matter will depend greatly on how much you used them in MacOS in the first place.

Windows is also significantly uglier (once you peel back the top layer of the Win 10 UI) than MacOS, although it looks waaaay better than previous versions. Again, not a huge deal, and certainly a matter of opinion.

There were a few plugins that I adored that aren't available on PC, and while it is certainly a bummer, it actually led to me finding new workflow(s) and software that I like better.

The only actual big deal I can think of is the matter of system security, and especially the inability to decide when -or if ever - you install updates. You can 'defer' updates if you have the Pro version, but it's only for a few weeks, and then you're machine will update whether you like it or not. To be honest though, any Win machine connected to the internet probably should be, at the very least, getting regular security updates.

And there is something to be said for the idea that malware and viruses are so much less common on the Mac platform. That sense of security isn't without merit, and it's gone once you switch to the most popular OS on the planet. That said, as long as you're smart about your internet usage, you'll probably be just fine.

Building the machine was a blast, and I left myself room to grow (by not buying the top of the line component in each area) in the future.

And man is it ever nice to have PCIe slots again.

If it were me, and my choices were Hackintosh or switching to PC, I'd go PC in a heartbeat. I really wanted to like the idea of a Hackintosh, but after reading up on the idea, and seeing that even the gold star builds had issues (mainly with networking), I decided against it. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a work machine that didn't fully operate as it was suppose to, and/or could be bricked by updating a random driver.
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