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Default Re: Nobody with Pro Tools 10HD-pci on windows 7 Daw ?

It is very unclear what you are trying to do or asking here or in your other thread (please follow the DUC rules and only post one thread per issue). And it's not just that you start this thread with negative question.

"10HD-pci"? You mean Pro Tools 10 HD PCI TDM... lots of folks will misread that as Pro Tools 10 HD PCIe... aka HD Native. Yes even if you post in a TDM forum... lots of folks just read recent posts.

Are you trying to purchase a working TDM system from somebody or just after stability tips?

If the earlier you should make your posts clear you want to purchase something and where in the world you are and all the requirements you have in one place. Do you own the TDM cards already? Looking to buy a PC and maybe expansion chassis? A whole turnkey system? Including Pro Tools licenses? Interface boxes? Nothing here is really clear. You should have posted a thread titled something like "Want to buy HD3 PCIe/PCI-X system" and out it in the for sale forum area and explain exactly what you are after. You may do better just looking for TDM cards here or on eBay etc. and building your own. HD3 PCIe card sets are selling for ~$600 on eBay. I can't imagine wanting to deal with an old PCI-X system unless I already owned a large one and was just keeping it going.

If the later there are many users running TDM systems on Windows 7 still, they are not likely to bother reporting their info. If you have stability issues you'll get much more help stating clearly what exact issues you have on exactly what system and including a Sandra report. Start at "help us help you" up the top of each DUC web page.

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