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Default Re: How many Pro Tools 10 users in 2019?

I'm still on PT 10 and I'm probably going to upgrade to 2019. Still running the numbers to justify the expense. My system is currently HD3 with a 2009 mac pro flashed to 2010 on OS 10.9.5. I use it with a 24 fader D-command.

I was on PT8 until about a year ago. It was more staple than PT10. I made the jump to get a some of the new features (clip gain, disk cache, AAX 32 bit plugins). So some improvements but also some headaches. So now I'm looking to make another jump to have more stability and some of the other new features (freeze, commit, fast bounce, 64bit,....). I'm using more Native plugins these days and the power that the HD cards bring to the table is becoming less relevant in my workflow.

All that being said I rely heavily on my D-command, and if I was loosing functionality with it I probably wouldn't even be thinking about upgrading Pro Tools. I haven't been on a pro-control in ages so I don't know how that compares to a D-Command. But with the current used prices for D-command maybe you should consider buying a D-command.
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