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Default Re: ProTools is working on my PC Not

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Thanks for the Sandra report, but how about details on audio interface? You said you have a separate SSD, but the Sandra does not show it
So Dave... I decided to try a different I/O. Disconnected the Behringer UHD404HD. Installed the latest Avid Eleven Rack Driver (May 2016). Rebooted the computer. Got a weird iLok message claiming my iLok was being shared between multiple operating systems. I unplugged the iLok and re-inserted it. Powered up the Eleven Rack, started Pro Tools and everything was kool.
Restarted the PC with the Behringer UHD404HD in place and the Elev Rack disconnected. And started Pro Tools with (N) to reset the interface. The super slow mo lag problem returned and Pro Tools was no bueno. So I'd say it's an incompatible driver UM4 ASIO or just an incompatible Interface.

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