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Default Re: ProTools is working on my PC Not

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Was an earlier Pro Tools versions running on this before? NO

What audio interface/playback engine are you trying to use? Did you install ASIO drivers for that device? Behringer UMC404HD 192kHz 24b 4 ch USB I/O Drivers up to date

Things to try...

Hold down the 'N' key while Pro Tools is starting and then select the correct ASIO device as the Playback Engine when the playback engine dialog appears. Loading plugins goes by normally, then Init. Audio, Init. MIDI... then it slows down to a crawl on Init. Controllers.
Eventually the open Grey field with menu at top [File Edit View Track Clip event Audiosuite etc. ] after another 2 minutes the dashboard to start a new session pops up. I chose a file name and hit the create button, Pro Tools (Not Responding) appears in the upper left. then a minute or two later The normal startup edit window appears.Any effort to create a track is met with a PT Not Responding and a long wait.

Still stuck...

Trash Prefs Windows Prefs ? Where?

Make sure the app is set to run as admin (one of the optimizations IIRC). Yes

Repeat with the 'N' startup.

Still stuck...

Describe in more detail exactly what happens, what you see starting on the screen or not etc. "nothing" does not happen.. things did happened what exactly? If there are any Pro Tools processes running (extra ones that start after you try to launch the app).

Uninstall or completely deactivate all anti-virus software.Did This only Windows Defender running

Post your SiSoft Sandra Report.Not sure how to do this

When you say optimization, Wireless turned off? Bluetooth turned off? BIOS cstate change? I did all steps possible in AVID docs no BIOS changes were made. Wireless and BT are disabled.Can you list or point to the list of things you actually did.
Something I didn't mention is I have a mid performance graphics card EVGA GEForce GTX 1060 6Gb . I run my 4k display at 1920x1080.

Thanks much for helping!
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