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Default No sound via headphones (iMacPro with PT 2019.5) (SOLVED)


I have installed PT 2019.5 on a fresh iMP (Mojave 10.14.5) and I am not able to get any sound via the connected headphones. I am not using any interfaces or monitors yet.

Playback via iTunes works without any troubles. If headphones connected, sound via headphones, if not, sound via internal speakers, as expected.

In Mojave System Preferences/Sound/Output I can choose between
External headphones (selected atm)
iMac Pro speakers
Pro Tools Aggregate I/O

Within PT Playback Engine the following options are available:
Pro Tools Aggregate I/O (selected atm)
External Headphones
iMac Pro Microfone
iMac Pro speakers

I tried several combinations, as well as External Headphones BUT I do not get any sound via headphones, only via speakers all the time.

I deleted everything within Setup/I/O Settings of PT and choose Default but still no sound via headphones.

Which settings have to be done to get any sound via headphones within PT
Any help highly appreciated.


iMac Pro 10 Core 64 GB RAM Vega 64
Pro Tools 2019.5/Mojave 10.14.5
M-Audio Uber Mic
M-Audio CTRL49 VIP
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro


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