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Default Re: 2019.5 Ultimate on Mac not seeing iLok license (and other possible problems)

All I can think of is try uninstalling ILM, reboot, try installing again. Try the iLok on ILM on a different computer.


FWIW my install worked fine, via Avid Link to download and install 2019.5, running with the same ILM as you are on macOS Mojave.

I did notice a glitch during PT install where ILM which I had open on the desktop complained about "a missing back-end component" (doh great error message) but Pro Tools seemed to finish the install OK and runs fine. I was going to remove and reinstall ILM but PT actually worked so I did not touch it. I'll mess around tomorrow and see if I can catch that error to report to Avid.

Avid Link has some few rough edges.

Similar to your screenshot. I hate how I can't see license versions/expiry dates in ILM or Avid Link. All I get is "perpetual" in the bundle in ILM. And the Pro Tools status panel in Avid Link (see screenshot) confusingly shows two "Pro Tools", not obvious what the are,... all as useful as mammory glands on a male bovine.

After 2019.5 was installed and had been run. I got a notification from Avid Link that I had a new product... it was telling me about the update to 2019.5 that I had installed a few minutes earlier.
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