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Default Re: PT IO Control Panel not displaying info on "input" Tab

Did you try the latest October 2018 Duet drivers? I had the same issue and they silently repacked driver with newer PT IO Control v2.10.3 (and new firmware 2.68).

It worked for me on early Mojave version, don't know if still works on latest one, I went back to High Sierra.

Originally Posted by Andres22 View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble with my PT IO Control software, since although it's recognizing my Duet interface, it's not allowing me to control the inputs as the "input" tab appears blank. I can record, playback music, etc. but I can't control inputs. The issue is that I can only change inputs from instrument to Mic from the software, so I'm blocked here.

See images attached showing the display in the IO control panel software.

I was having this problem already using the High Sierra OS, updated to Mojave to test if it was an OS compatibility and the issue persisted. Went back to High Sierra and the same. Now currently back on Mojave.

I'm using the 0.2.66 Firmare version for the IO control panel. Not sure what I'm missing or what could be going wrong.

Thanks for the help,


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