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Default Mojave and PT 2018.7

I know it’s not supported but....

Will PT 2018.7 run on Mojave? Has anyone had it running

My new MBP was drenched in coffee last Friday ...... after giving it a good dry out the Touch Bar was no longer working. I got on the phone to Apple and booked it in, I manage to get it to Apple today. Touch Bar gone, logic board gone and because it would a custom build model AUS$2500.00+ in parts minus labour and freaking expensive coffee. Lucky I have Apple Care so the cost will be $429.00. The tech asked me if I had back it up I said no but as I store all my sessions files on an external I only have PT, Cubase and a bunch of plugins I can reinstall my only request is that I keep HIgh Sierra 10.13.6..... and he said prolly won’t be able to do that..... which leads me to believe I’ll get Mojave..... I’m thinking with that amount of damage I wouldn’t be surprised if they just gave me a new one. The turn around time for the repair is almost exactly the time it took to order it it from China in the first place.
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