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Default Record 16 inputs with C24 and Avid 16x16 Digital i/o.

Originally Posted by MurdochSound View Post
Would 16 mics > C|24 > HD digital IO work? or for that would I need to analog IO (which is four times the price).


Again, if you want to use analog line inputs like provided by the C|24 preamp outputs you would need a 16x16 analog IO not a digital IO. The C|24 is not an ADAT or other type of digital preamp or processor. It is a control surface box that had some separate analog preamps stuffed in it.

If you don't need more than 32x32 IO and especially if money is tight I would not be buying any HD IO.

What exact make/mode computer do you have? Version of Pro Tools? Do you own or plan to purchase Pro Tools HD or standard? Do you really need the HD software features?

Personally, I would be using Pro Tools standard (mmm but I don't know if the input monitor button issue with the c|24 and standard was ever fixed, something to check) and look at a Apogee Ensemble or UAD Apollo 8p. Start with one and add a second on a Thunderbolt chain, or look at ADAT options for adding more preamps.

Personally I would have avoided the C|24 unless you got a real bargain on a used one. The S3 is a more capable and modern surface, without all the size and not great analog baggage of the C|24.

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