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Default Record 16 inputs with C24 and Avid 16x16 Digital i/o.

Hi, this is my first question on any forum, but just wanting to check before I purchase.

I'll soon be running Pro Tools 12 HD on my mac tower. I have recently bought the Digidesign C24 (which I've countless times before, along with 2 of the old Digidesign 192 i/o to get 16 inputs, but didn't know much about the setup) But I'm wanting to use a newer system so I'm looking at the Avid HD 16x16 i/o. Now, there is the digital and the analog models.
Would I be able to use the Digital Avid HD i/o 16x16 with the C24 and get full 16 tracks recording in? Or for this would I have to buy the analog 16x16?
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