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Default Re: Mbox Gain Issues and Protools Issues (Bounce to Disk and Knob/Pot adjustments)

Originally Posted by Lucky Bastard View Post
Thanks for the response. Shouldn't my Mbox give me enough pre-amplification with a guitar plugged directly into it? I have to turn it all the way to 10 to have 2 or 3 lights illuminate. I want 4-8 lights illuminated with headroom available. It leads me to believe that with the other problem I am experiencing that my Mbox might be defective. A defective $800 piece of equipment should be replaced.

I am hoping someone on here can give me confirmation because Avid support isn't the easiest to locate without a paid subscription.
1. You should have a free support ASC obtained when you registered your products that allow you to call Avid.

2. I'm not sure what you are expecting from an electrical guitar. The signal is *very* low level. Stop fixating on "the lights" and set it to what sounds good (both dry and when amped/wet). In the real world you boost that with a guitar amplifier, the pre-amp/DI is not the same. You do know that you need to put an amp-simulator plugin (sasamp, Eleven Free, Eleven, or many other third party ones) on that dry guitar track to get it to "normal levels" right?
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