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Default Re: Alternate techniques for De-Essing

Originally Posted by Meads View Post
The SPL DeEsser ist the best I used so far. It's the only one I'm aware, that doesn't get triggered by volume but by waveform. It detects the "s" frequency and attenuates it via phase cancellation.
I always had the issue with stuff like Waves Deesser and the like, that once somebody is screaming or vocals get very loud the Deesser kicked in very harshly even though there wasn't even an "s", making the vocal very dull.
Don't have that issue anymore. Highly recommend the SPL Desser.
thanks .. You are correct about the volume those cases I would use automation on the threshold for those instances of screaming. Increase the threshold to provide less reduction during screams...But I am definitely going to check out the SPL Deesser. Sounds awesome. Thanks!
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