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Default Re: DAE error- 9060 Pro Tools SE 8.0.3


After trying everything Avid said to do to optimize my Windows 7 (disable desktop composition, disable start ups, virus protection, adjust scheduling, display performance, usb management, etc, etc, etc.) I was STILL getting the DEA 9060 errors on playback. NOTHING had changed as far as the way Pro Tools SE was behaving. I finally gave up and tried a new program. I tried out Mixcraft 5 and it works flawlessly in Windows 7!! NO ERRORS WHATSOEVER. It appears to be very similar to Pro Tools SE in its funtionality. So this leads me to believe that is not a problem with my computer, or the way it's set up, or the M-Audio interface. This is strictly a problem with the Protools SE software or driver. I am shocked that the top of the line (or at least I thought it was) Pro Tools software is the one that doesn't work.
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