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Default 002r Driver issue

There seems to be a massive issue with the core audio driver for the 002Rack.

Firstly, I'm running a MacPro, on OSX 10.5.8. The 002Rack works fine with audio production programs - Logic, ProTools, Ableton etc - but when I want to use it for anything else - iTunes, Quicktime etc - it simply doesn't connect.

Obviously, I've been into System Prefs and selected the 002rack as the output but doesn't stay that way once I've left the screen.

When I was running PTLE7, I had to keep reinstalling the Core Audio part of the installation every time I wanted to run standard audio software. It was annoying, but I did it because I had to.

Now, with PTLE 8, it doesn't give you the option to just install the Core Audio part, so I can't do that.

Is anyone else having this problem, or, does anyone know how I can rectify the situation?
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