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Default Stereo Aux vs Mono Aux and Turning that Mono into stereo via a stereo Plugin

Hello. I've got some questions...

What is the difference between sending, for example, a vocal sub-mix out via a stereo bus to a stereo Aux track with a reverb plug in, vs sending the sub-mix out via a mono bus to a mono aux track and turning that mono aux track into stereo by using a stereo plugin like a stereo reverb?

I see that on the send I will no longer have control over the way that the send is panned. Besides that, is that the only difference? (I am trying to save on buses, being that I am a limited LE user).

I am trying to also understand what the implications of choosing one over the other is. Can someone give me an example of why you would want to pan the send? What is the difference of panning the send vs just panning the Aux track that you are panning too?



(maybe this is the wrong section of the forum. sorry. Feel free to move it admins...)
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