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Default Re: Win7 + HD 8.0.1

So I'm taking the plunge-

W7 is impressive, compatibility mode all the way back! It looks like I'm going to be able to run my mackie ultramix on here when I get the API summing project finished! I'm running pro64.

So far I cant get BX eq to work, I did xp compatability it just hangs when PT loads. I canceled the ilok updater, maybe I need to let it do that?

Also in the process I realized that epureII apparently works with my ilok license from the massive pack? But it seems to have a gui problem. . . maybe I need to go back to the original, does anyone know where to download the latest version of epure I?

OTOH in vista MD3 and eventide didn't work, and they are all back. I will need to get either epure of bx up though because I'm a MS nut.

I can run (big VI) projects down at 128 RTAS that would have choked up at 1024 before, nice. . . back to installing stuff.
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