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Default Re: Best way to move the Instrument\'s samples to a different

I don't know anything about what Digidesign recommends - and I don't think there would be a chipset specific to the Metal Gear Box, as it is just a housing - but you can ask them on their website there.

Spkrgtr knows way more about Digidesign specific stuff than me.

My system drive is 60gig, about 40 are full. My data drive is 380 gigs and 120 gigs are full - and that didn't really take much, but it does include a backup of my system drive - so there is 80 on it after a month or so since I got it. I would go the 500 for the data and the 250 for the system. You can always add more data space, but your system drive should be a constant - 250 should be more than enough for just about anything you would need on your system drive.

You have plenty of drive space there! Shoot, you could have a PROGRAM Drive!
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