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Default Re: Avid! I bought LE, an M-Audio interface, I ain't buying M-Powered as well! Upgrad

Yeah, I was talking about the 003 rack. They've actually dropped in price now over here, they seem to go for around 1500 and the plus for 2000. They used to be ridiculously expensive. Aargh, just about every piece of gear doubles in price by the time it gets to stores here, thankfully I discovered ebay. So $580AU for the Fast Track Ultra 8R is probably the cheapest I'll be able to get some decent recordings done. Maybe one day when I'm old and have a real job I'll be able to afford some 'real' pro tools gear, but until then I'll stick to the M-Audio stuff. As long as it works I'm happy, it's just getting it to work that's the frustrating bit.

Thanks for the info on hardware exchanges, I'll look into it.

Hooray for ranting!
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